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National Income Insurance Sales Information

Theodore Pappas trainingA typical day at the Pappas SGA office in NYC is full of bustling excitement. You might start your day by meeting with your team for mentoring, coaching, or planning. A good portion of your day may be spent field training with other Agents as you review benefits and insurance needs of policyholders or follow up on sales leads. You may also take part in leadership training programs and SGA office meetings.

Whether you decide to excel in a sales position or work your way into a management position, every day at the Pappas SGA office offers new ways to further your career!

For more information on insurance sales with the Theodore Pappas SGA office, please visit the ‘NILICO Career Reviews’ page .

Why Insurance Sales with NILICO?

A career in insurance sales with National Income Life offers compensation unmatched by our competitors. NILICO’s Opportunity Unlimited allows Representatives to work their way up the ladder of success as far as they want and have control of their earnings. As an Agent with National Income Life, you have the potential to:

  • Make an average of $40K to $60K in your first year.
  • Earn renewals. That means earning residual income over and over for a one-time sale.
  • Open your own Office with AIL or NILICO.
  • Help protect families during financial hardships.

Learn More about Insurance Sales with NILICO NYC

If you’d like to learn more about insurance sales with the Pappas SGA office of National Income Life, please contact the Pappas SGA office, or call (718) 888-9428.

AIL NILICO CEO Roger Smith on Career Opportunity Unlimited

In this video, AIL and NILICO CEO Roger Smith talks about the unlimited career opportunities available to Representatives of American Income Life and National Income Life. With Opportunity Unlimited, YOU decide what you’re worth!


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