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What Are You Thankful For?

It’s a time to be thankful. On Saturday the 22nd the top leadership for the Pappas SGA office got together to be thankful for each other and thankful to be working for a great company like American and National Income Life. I am very thankful to my leadership team and the hard work they put in day in and day out. Our celebration at Mortons Steakhouse was a great time with a lot of memories made. The question is posed to many of us that work for NILICO, what makes you guys different? What I reply is the opportunity, what we do with it, and what actions we take after our success. We have a great opportunity to create a great life for ourselves and our families. We are able to take that opportunity to whatever heights we can achieve with no limits. After we are very successful we are still humbled by the people we serve and the people we work side by side with. In most companies and agencies when top leaders hit milestones they are many times congratulated and thanked in many ways and sometimes no way. I wanted to make sure at this time for being thankful. Some key people that have been with me for 11 years and more knew how thankful I was.

Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin over 11 years with me as an agent SA, GA, MGA & now heading of the Pre Licensing school that helps our territory and everyone in it. We honored and thanked Jim at our dinner with something that we hope he will have as a reminder of the thanks that I and my family have in his efforts, trust, and hard work over these 11 years and 8 months. Jim thank you once again and enjoy the watch.

Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin

Levar Morgan

On this great night I also honored and thanked Levar Morgan. Levar started under me much younger having no experience in our industry like most of us. He had a work ethic that was always intense and understood. He went from an agent all the way to MGA until he developed some Top MGA’s which then placed him in a top leadership role of RGA. Levar trusted me with his future. I appreciate that along with the great strides he has made over these almost 11 years in his personal and business growth. He has helped the PAPPAS SGA OFFICE hit levels it’s never seen in the history of the territory and has always been loyal and thankful. On that Saturday I and my family were also thankful and we wanted to show Levar as well. Thank you Levar please always wear the watch knowing how thankful we will always be.

Levar Morgan

Levar Morgan

I want to thank all my office staff, agents and managers for their hard work and want to thank them, their families, our great company, our great nation, and God for all the opportunity and success that we have access too. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as we celebrate and enjoy a very special day tomorrow of thankfulness.


Theo Pappas

About Theodore Pappas

Theo Pappas is the State General Agent for New York City and surrounding areas, representing National Income Life. He leads a successful team in community service endeavors, leadership development, and the quest to help protect families. Google

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